DLT Registration

To send promotional or transactional messages, businesses must be registered on the DLT platform. Companies can register in any of the DLT Platforms and for registering in the DLT portal, you need to pay a subscription fee every year. 

Steps To Register On DLT Platform

Step 1: Entity Registration

Bulk SMS is an essential communication tool that allows for seamless interaction between educational institutions, instructors, and students for alerts and notifications.

Step 2: Sender ID Registration

Leverage the power of bulk SMS for sending order confirmations and shipment notifications to delivering exclusive promotions and discounts directly to customers’ mobile.

Step 3: Content Template Registration

Bulk SMS is widely used for two-factor authentication, real-time transaction alerts, balance queries, and payment reminders. It serves as a direct communication channel.

Bulk SMS DLT Registration

Activate your DLT Account, Headers, and Templates Effortlessly With Us

Our experts in DLT support will facilitate a seamless transition from non-DLT to DLT based systems

DLT Registration And Account Activation

DLT registration and account activation

Bulk SMS makes it possible to communicate instantly, which is very useful for time-sensitive information or important announcements.

DLT Registration And Account Activation

Headers and templates approval

Bulk SMS allows businesses to reach a large number of people at once and communicate effectively.


Yes, DLT registration is mandatory.  To send promotional or transactional messages, businesses must be registered on the DLT platform.

No, you need to follow a few more steps to finalise the DLT registration process, including Sender ID Registration.

Consider adding a service provider  for assistance throughout the registration journey. 

No, the entity cannot send commercial communications related to a different line of business. TRAI regulations mandate that the entities can only send commercial communications related to their business line. 

The service provider levies an early subscription fee of Rs. 5,900, inclusive of GST. Mtalkz does not impose any charges while offering support throughout the entire registration process.

Here are the required documents listed below for the DLT registration process.

  • Organisation PAN card
  • Organisation GST certificate
  • Organisation Address Proof (Certificate of Incorporation/Utility bill/rental agreement)
  • Authorisation letter on letterhead 
  • LOA on letterhead 
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